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    Quality London epoxy floor coatings
    For Homes and Businesses in London, Woodstock,
    St. Thomas, Ingersoll, Port Dover & neighbouring communities
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    Wide selection of other coatings
    Specialized flooring solutions like epoxy mortar systems,
    decorative microcement, MMA (methyl methacrylate), waterproof membranes & more
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    Superior Concrete Polishing &
    Safety Markings & Line Painting
    For Commercial, Residential, Retail, Industrial, Food & Beverage Production, Electronics,
    Educational, Transportation, Aviation, Healthcare, & Pharmaceutical

Welcome to London Epoxy Floor Coatings

KSL Flooring Solutions provides a wide selection of quality flooring solutions for residential, commercial, industrial markets in London, Strathroy, St. Thomas, Tillsonburg, Ingersoll, Woodstock, Delhi, Simcoe, Port Dover, Brantford, Hamilton, Burlington, Toronto and neighbouring communities. Our London epoxy floor coatings team specially tailors all of flooring solutions for interior and exterior floors to better meet your specific flooring needs. Our London epoxy floor coatings specialists provide epoxy floor coatings, concrete polishing, safety markings & line painting, as well as the following other coatings.

Our team will find an ideal flooring application for any flooring system. Our London epoxy floor coatings team use only top quality materials obtained from the industry’s leading manufactures. To better meet the diverse needs of our clients across a range of specialized markets and industries, our company directly employs all of our engineers, electricians, millwrights and other flooring professionals. No matter the size or scope of your flooring project, our London epoxy floor coatings experts have the training, skill and experience to be ready for any flooring project whether applying epoxy floor coatings in a home basement or installing our epoxy mortar systems for commercial warehouse!

Our company services residential, commercial and retail clients as well as markets in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage plants, electronics, education, healthcare, transportation, and aviation. Depend on our London epoxy floor coatings team for all of your flooring needs! We will provide a free quote for any project and backup all of our work with a warranty. To learn more about our company and what we can do for you, we invite you to read reviews written by past clients and take a look at photos of our past projects! Contact us today!

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